With only four days left until the release of Lady Gaga’s fifth studio album, “Joanne,” the “Perfect Illusion” singer is sharing some of the inspiration behind the album.

On Sunday night, the singer took to Instagram to share a few photos of her sitting on the floor in front of a notebook, wearing a pastel cowboy hat. In the captions of the photos, Gaga recalled when she began writing her new album.

“I remember when I started writing this record I scrubbed down real good in the shower and then put on this pastel hat,” wrote Gaga. The singer said the hat gave her “really good vibes” which she calls her “#JoanneVibes.” 

While hardcore Lady Gaga fans may know why Gaga named her album “Joanne,” more casual fans may be unaware. According to Gaga, Joanne is her middle name. “My daddy named me after his sister. So I named this album #Joanne,” she wrote.

In another Instagram post, the singer revealed that she is still perfecting her craft. Early Monday morning, Gaga posted a video of her playing the guitar. Sporting big white sunglasses, Gaga played a few chords as she danced along to the music.

In the photo’s caption, Gaga shared a quote that a teacher used say to her. “Practice makes permanent that’s what my teacher always said,” Gaga wrote. “Gotta get these fingers tough as nails like my soul.”

Although most fans will have to wait until the album’s Oct. 21 release date, lucky fans in Belgium have been able to purchase the album after a retailer put the physical edition of the album on shelves early

Thanks to the unofficial release, we now know the full tracklist and featured guests on the album. The standard edition of “Joanne” features 11 songs while the deluxe version includes three more songs, bringing the total to 14.