Despite weeks of trade talks, Dwight Howard is still a member of the Orlando Magic.

Both sides seem to be in agreement that it's time to send Howard elsewhere, but Orlando has not been able to come to terms with another team. Howard has expressed an interest in only playing for Brooklyn, but a trade there is unlikely.

The Lakers have been working to acquire Howard, but the Magic are reluctant to pull the trigger on a deal. Orlando and Los Angeles could complete a swap of Howard and Andrew Bynum, but the Magic are leery of trading for a player with just one year left on his contract.

The teams have tried to work out a deal including the Cavaliers or Rockets, but an agreement still can't be made.

There has also been some speculation about whether or not Howard would commit to the Lakers long-term. He has stated that he would only re-sign with the Nets, indicating that he doesn't want to play in Los Angeles.

Both Orlando and Howard may have their doubts about the star going to L.A., but it's the right move to make.

Here are five reasons why sending Howard to L.A. would make sense for everyone:

1)      Howard has a good chance to get his first ring with the Lakers. The All-Star wants to play with Deron Williams in Brooklyn, but he's more likely to win a title with Kobe Bryant in L.A. Along with Bryant, the Lakers have star players in Pau Gasol and Steve Nash. In Brooklyn, Howard and the Nets would still be underdogs to the Heat.

2)      It's time for Orlando to move on. Howard won't sign a contract extension with the Magic, and is leaving next summer. With a new coach, the Magic need to turn the page with Howard and avoid a season of distractions.

3)      Bynum can shine with a new club. The young center has a chance to be a star on a team where he can expect to take perhaps 18 shots per game. He only put up 13.3 in. L.A., with Bryant on his team averaging 23 a game. Bynum could become the focal point of the Magic's offense, and possibly challenge Howard for a spot on the All-NBA first team.

4)      Howard will make the Lakers more entertaining. While the Lakers adding Nash helps, the team could use a different starter to make them less predictable. His defense will create fast break opportunities, leading to a more exciting brand of basketball. Adding Howard would make this L.A team reminiscent of the Showtime Lakers.

5)      The NBA immediately gets a new most entertaining team. Fans may become bored with the Heat, and now they can turn their attention back to the Lakers. The Lakers are both loved and hated, and Bryant would have a better chance to tie Jordan's six titles with Howard on the roster. The big man has replaced LeBron as the most hated man in the league, and putting him on Los Angeles would give the league another Super Team.