Lance Armstrong showed no shame on Sunday when he posted a picture to his Twitter account of the seven yellow jerseys from his Tour de France victories.

While the victories, which run from 1999-2005, have been annulled by cycling’s ruling body following a shocking report by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, Armstrong tweeted the picture of him laying on a couch in front of the jersey’s with the caption, "Back in Austin and just layin' around..."

The former champion cyclist was recently banned for life and ordered to return his prize money as a result of the findings.

Despite the damning charges against him, Armstrong, 41, has yet to admit to any wrongdoing and is clearly maintaining his innocence on subject.

The picture has been retweeted almost 4,000 times and has stirred up quite a controversy on the social media site.

"Wow, you really do display all the symptoms of someone sociopathic. I think you'd benefit from psychoanalysis," wrote one Twitter user.

"Smug and deluded," said another.

"Was that him laying around? or lying around?"

But in his 3.8 million Twitter followers, Armstrong was able to find some support.

"You earned all of them!!!" wrote one Twitter user.

"Level playing field.....this is awesome!!!" said another.

While Armstrong has never officially failed a drug test, the USADA report detailed the ways in which he avoided being caught -- and claimed that positive tests had been covered up.

After overcoming testicular cancer to win cycling's toughest race seven times in a row, Armstrong raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charity through his Livestrong foundation.

He voluntarily stepped down as its chairman since the USADA report came out in October.