Five people were declared dead and more than 150 people were reported missing when a landslide occurred early Wednesday near Pune city in India’s western state of Maharashtra.

According to officials, boulders from a hill rolled down on to nearly 44 houses in Malin village, about 43 miles from the city of Pune. The area has seen heavy monsoon rains in recent days, making it difficult for rescue teams from the National Disaster Response Force, or NDRF, to reach the location, according to local media reports. Pune is located about 90 miles soutwest of the financial hub of Mumbai.

"The movement was slow as the road was muddy and it was raining. Rescue work is going in at two-three places," Sandeep Rai Rathore, a top official of the NDRF, told IBN, a local news network, adding: "We will give them first aid and initial treatment on the spot. As and when we need heavy equipment, we will ask from the local administration."

Nearly 30 ambulances were reportedly rushed to the location, located at least 9 miles from the nearest health facility.

"This is a very remote area and connectivity is poor. There is heavy rains in the area. The Revenue commissioner is monitoring the rescue operation from Pune," Saurav Rao, a local official said, according to IBN.