LaRon Landry, safety for the Washington Redskins, has been known as hard-hitting, physically gifted defensive back.

Now, with the muscles he has been showing off on Twitter, it would seem like come next season, the pain receivers will feel when he makes contact with them will be ten times worse.

The pictures seem so unreal that Twitter users have gone on a rampage, even accusing the safety of steroids or of using Photoshop to alter his images:

Just told my wife that she is not allowed, under any circumstances, to google LaRon Landry... until the season starts again LOL

LaRon Landry might be on steroids a little.The fact that he plays safety in the NFL should be illegal.Dude is built like the incredible hulk

Is Laron Laundry moving to inside backer?

Laron Landry looks like an absolute monster. I have no idea how smooth he'll be in coverage, but he's gonna break someone in half. #sheesh

Looks like Laron Landry has been lifting and eating babies this off season

Laron Landry is on roids. No question. NFL drug testing is a joke. Absolute joke.

Not a photoshop expert, but sure looks like some clear signs of tampering on the LaRon Landry giant arm pic. Especially the missing tattoo.

Despite the 27-year-old's physique, he hasn't played much recently, however. Over the past three seasons, Landry has only played in 32 games for the Redskins.

In 2011, Landry was forced out for the season with an injured Achilles tendon. Now, if his pictures are any evidence, he seems ready more than ever to get back on the field.