Spain is known for its spectacular fiestas. The Las Fallas fire festival of Valencia is the boldest, hottest, craziest and loudest festival celebrated anywhere in the world.

A pyromaniac's delight, the Las Fallas fire festival literally jolts you out of your sleep and the mad euphoria is unlike what you may have felt anywhere else. The festival displays one of the best pyrotechniques in the world.

This carnival of bonfires take place between March 15 to 19 annually to honor St. Joseph, the father of the nation. The fiesta Las Fallas brings millions from across the world to Valencia to make it an internationally recognized event.

Las Fallas marks the onset of spring in Valencia. The festival dates back to the pre-Christian era.  

The highlight of the festival is burning down of huge fallas and impressive fireworks.  Fallas are huge effigies or monuments erected all over the streets in Valencia in different shapes and themes. These colorful ninots, meaning puppets or dolls, are made out of cardboard and papier-mâché and are filled with fire crackers and paraded in the streets before they are placed in specific corners in the streets. These fallas are burned in the afternoons of the festival days, triggering fireworks that last for hours, leading to a literal earthshaking experience, amid crazy cheering crowds.   

It takes months of labor to create some of the spectacular and gigantic models which are burned down in the crazy festival. The models represent imagination, fantasy and satire on political or famous personalities. Usually team-based competitions are held for the best models and fireworks during the festival.