Tourists walk beside Royal Caribbean's cruise ship ?Enchantment of the Seas? after they arrive in Cozumel

Are Cruise Ships Liable For Dangers On Shore?

A newly reinstated negligence lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Line could become a pivotal piece of legislation in defining to what extent cruise ships may be held liable for criminal acts perpetrated against passengers at various ports of call.
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2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition in Hangzhou

‘Magic Art’ Thrills Museumgoers In Hangzhou, China [PHOTOS]

In a typical art exhibition, you’re expected to keep your hands behind your back, maintain a respectful distance from the artwork and, above all else, refrain from touching anything. But the Magic Art Exhibition in Hangzhou, China, is not your run-of-the-mill show.
Al Capone's 1928 V8 Cadillac is up for auction by RM Auctions. Who know's what nefarious crooks smoked cigars in the back seat.

Chicago Gangster Al Capone's Armored V8 Cadillac At Auction

Al Capone's iconic bulletproof V8 Cadillac will be put on the auction block by RM Auctions in Plymouth, Mich. On July 28, in advance of the Concours d'Elegance of America, the famous gangster's green Caddy is expected to fetch upwards of $500,000, if recent history is taken as a guide.
Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury And The Longing Of Childhood

The Bradbury stories that resonated most with me were the ones that look not forward but backward. Two books in particular, Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked This Way Comes, capture beautifully the often contradictory fears and desires of childhood.


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