Las Vegas police killed one escaped chimpanzee and captured another chimp on the loose, the department said Thursday.

The chimpanzees escaped from an enclosure and were roaming northwest Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Las Vegas Metro Police kept residents abreast of the chimpanzee situation on Twitter in an incident so bizarre one user thought the department's Twitter account had been hacked.

Las Vegas residents were alerted to the unusual situation of chimpanzees at large in their city around 11 a.m. local time, when the primates were spotted near West Ann Road and North Jones Boulevard in the northwest section of Sin City.

Residents/motorists in the area of Ann Rd/N Jones please stay inside, officers trying to capture 2 dangerous chimpanzees on the loose! Las Vegas Metro Police tweeted.

Another message a short while later indicated that police had killed one of the chimpanzees, but still urged residents not to venture out.

Residents in the area of Rowland Ave., NE of Ann/Jones need to stay indoors or in vehicles! One chimp is still outstanding. PLEASE RT! the Twitter account warned.

The situation seemed so incredible that one Twitter user wondered whether the Las Vegas Metro Police's Twitter account was compromised.

Nope, we didn't get hacked, the account replied.

While police killed one of the apes, it took about an hour for the department to capture the second loose chimp.

Chimpanzee's still NOT captured. Important to avoid the area and let animal control and police work to get them in custody, the account said.

Finally, around 12:13 p.m. local time, the second chimp was in custody of animal control, although Metro Police cautioned Las Vegas residents that traffic between Ann Road, Jones Boulevard and Bradley Road was still closed to vehicles.

The chimpanzee situation is now under control, Las Vegas police said. Streets remain closed at this time while officers continue to investigate this incident.

The captured chimp was tranquilized, Officer Bill Cassell told the Review-Journal.