Beliebers have taken over Twitter again and how?! Latin American girls have conjured up a storm on the Twitterverse hoping to see the Canadian teen sensation land on the Latino part of the world.

The thread on the trending topic 'LatinGirlsWaiting4Biebs' has hundereds of tweets flowing in every five minutes. While some of the fans are happy to see the strength of the Beliebers in being able to take over the microblogging site again, the majority are screaming to see Bieber in Latin America.

The trend started off with Brazil and later took another avatar when the fans in all of Latin America decided to join the chorus.

iSwagginBiebs (Joey Bieber) tweets, First it was brazilwantbiebs or something, now it's LatinGirlsWaiting4Biebs ! What can I say? Beliebers take over twitter! m/

Meanwhile, Julihasbieberfever wrote, @justinbieber LatinGirlsWaiting4Biebs and Uruguay too please don´t forget us we love you

The trend that seems to have started off with an intention of getting Bieber to Latin America also finds fans pouring their love on the teen pop star.

Maracev posts, LatinGirlsWaiting4Biebs This latin girl would gladly wait forever and be happy if he never showed up.

Bieber's perfume 'Someday' also figured prominently in the posts.

ilonkgonzalez (Future Ms Bieber) tweeted, @justinbieber heeeey! How are you today? im so Exited for #Someday! i love you LatinGirlsWaiting4Biebs 3