Buzzfeed reported that Lauren Prepon won’t be returning to the Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black” after just one season on the show. But Netflix denied the rumor to the Huffington Post.

Rumors of her exit were said to be “Not accurate,” by Netflix, as per HuffPo. "Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed.” Buzzfeed said, however, the doors will be left open so the Hollywood star could return for some episodes in the second season, but then added Prepon will no longer be a leading lady on the show. It’s not certain whether it was Prepon’s choice to leave the show, of creator Jonji Kohan’s decision. Kohan is responsible for TV hits like “Weeds.”

When Buzzfeed reached out to the actress’ publicist for a statement, there was not an immediate response as to why she was not going to be a permanent feature on the show any more. It’s unclear to tell exactly how-well received the show is since Netflix won’t release its numbers to their competitors dismay, but it does seem to be loved.

Prepon told Huffington Post why she was intrigued by Alex’s character:  “It's cool because, as a female actress, you always try to look for roles that are challenging, different and new. It's hard to find something like that. When we read roles, it's usually another f--king typical female role. When I read this script, there were so many rad roles, so when I read Alex I loved her."

Prepon will be in a few of Season 2’s 13 episodes to wrap up her character’s story, Buzzfeed added, which might be little consolation for her fans. The show has already started filming its second season in New York at the end of last month, and it will premiere its new episodes in 2014, the news site said.

Prepon is best known for playing Donna on Fox’s “That 70s Show” and “Orange Is The New Black” is arguably her biggest role since. She briefly appeared on ABC’s “October Road” and NBC’s “Are You There, Chelsea” but neither show went too far.