Lauren Scruggs, the model and fashion writer who survived a tragic accident walking into an airplane propeller back in December, has rejected a $200,000 settlement offer and is suing the insurer of the airplane.

Scruggs, 23, who lost her left hand and left eye in the accident, rejected the settlement on March 12 and filed a lawsuit against Aggressive Insurance Services in Dallas County, Texas, according to legal documents obtained by Courthouse News Service. Documents verify that insurance representatives offered Scruggs two sub-limit payments of $100,000 in separate policies, but the model denied the offer.

Aggressive Insurance Services explains $100,000 is the maximum amount of money it can offer someone considered a passenger, defined as any person, other than the pilot, who is in the Aircraft or getting in or out of it. However, Scruggs believes she was not a passenger, as she was not in the aircraft or getting in or out of it at the time of the incident, according to court documents, which would entitle her to more money in legal fees.

The suit asks for declaratory judgment for the term passenger, in addition to unspecified damages to cover court costs, attorney fees and all other relief to which plaintiff is entitled.

Scruggs returned from a flight on Dec. 3, 2011 to Aero Country Airport in McKinney, Texas. When disembarking from the two-seater plane, Scruggs accidently walked into the plane's propellers, badly injuring her face and severing her left hand. According to the pilot, Curt Richmond warned her of the blades and instructed her to walk behind the plane.

Lauren Scruggs underwent multiple surgeries and intense physical therapy resulting from the propeller accident, having her face and shoulder reconstructed. However, her left eye and hand had to be removed, as noted in her mother's, Cheryl Scruggs, blog where she writes daily of her daughter's recovery.

Scruggs was fitted with a prosthetic eye last month and will meet with prosthetic arm experts while she resumes writing on her blog, Lolo.