This morning, Riot Games, developer of the ultra-popular MOBA game "League of Legends," announced via its official site that there will be a sale on multiple champions and skins starting Friday, until Memorial Day.

Here are the details of the sale:


Elise, AP carry: 487 RP


Jax, melee fighter: 292 RP


Zilean, AP support: 292 RP


Considering how valuable Zilean is in ARAM, "League of Legends"' newest official game mode, we expect LoL players to take advantage of that sale the most. The Jax and Elise price cuts are nothing to balk about either, as both are capable and valuable champions in their own right.

Now for details of the price cuts on Champion Skins:

Stinger Akali: 260 RP


Deep One Kassadin: 260 RP


Hextech Janna: 487 RP


Considering that each of these champions is suited for Summoner's Rift, Dominion, Twisted Treeline and ARAM, we wouldn't be surprised if each of these skins sold well over the weekend.

What do you think of this latest "League of Legends" sale? Will you be taking advantage of the latest discounts on champions and skins? What champions and skins do you want to see on sale? Sound off in the comments below.