Now we are aware of Facebook's awesome new feature. But it seems that it's not all Mark Zuckerberg plans to offer the Facebook fans. After the announcement of the Video Calling feature on Wednesday, another interesting fact came into light when an inquisitive coder named Jeff Ross scanned through the Java file behind Video Calling, and found something in the Skype install codes that gives indication towards a music application called Vibes.


The code is being highlighted. Source:

Ross wrote in his blog that the download link grabs a file called FacebookVideoCalling.jar that's only 27840 bytes in size. This is what that made him pause, because considering the file size; it cannot be the entire codec. While scoping out the jar file, which is used to install Video Calling, Ross came across a set of codes that can be used to install another app named com.facebook.vibes. He says it connects with a music download dialog in the page, and claimed it must be the new music service.

According to Ross, although the video chat plug-in, called peep, is what is downloaded now, it's possible that at some point in the future another app called Facebook Vibes will also join the party. I'm guessing that with this release we are seeing the seeds for Facebook's upcoming music offering, Ross said.

Ross' revelation coexists well with Spotify's announcement

Popular digital music service Spotify has announced that it is launching in the U.S. Giving a rumored Spotify-Facebook partnership, which has been around for some time now, speculations are rife whether Spotify's U.S. launch, teamed up with Facebook's self-described subsequent launch season meant an application incorporating the music streaming service was just knocking the door, Digitaltrends reported.

Mark Zuckerberg said earlier that Facebook is focusing on creating new applications and improving its technology. He also pointed out that the social networking giant would not make it as in-house, rather it would look at companies that have specialized and mastered their own platforms.

Leaked codes: A new tactic to hit up curiosity?

Google has already leaked a number of codes related to Google+ that have led to increased curiosity about the new social network. Whether people believe these codes or not that varies to individuals, but one thing that matters most is that people get to have a hint of things to come. Is Facebook following the same tactic?

Since all major players like Google, Apple, and Amazon have come up with their own cloud-based music services, why not Facebook?