Could the iPhone be making its way to T-Mobile?

BGR published images of prototype version of Apple's iPhone running on the T-Mobile network over the weekend. Running a test version of the iPhone's operating system, the phone appears to confirm that Apple has been working on bringing the iPhone to T-Mobile's network. Similar tests were conducted prior to the phone making its recent appearance on Verizon's network as well.

Like AT&T's network, T-Mobile's own run on the same GSM standard. But the two networks run on different frequencies, making it necessary for Apple to test the networks independently of one another.

Of course, if AT&T's efforts to acquire T-Mobile are approved, T-Mobile subscribers will eventually be able to land their own iPhones anyway. But, with the deal not set to be completed until next year, and full network integration not expected until at least 2015, Apple seems keen on getting its iPhone on T-Mobile's network ahead of the merger.

The prototype iPhone itself features an A5 chip, making the phone resemble the iPhone 4S Apple is said to be sending to developers.