In the wake of Scarlett Johansson/Mila Kunis hacked and leaked photos, Miley Cyrus sparked off a frenzy since the scandalous crotch shot of her started making rounds over the Internet on Wednesday.

In the photo, how Huffington Post describes it, the former Hannah Montana star, clad in little more than lingerie and red heels, sprawled luxuriously on a bed atop silken sheets.

The 18-year-old is seen checking the phone, and it cannot be quite determined looking at the picture if it is a posed one or taken without her knowledge.

So what is the surprise? The so called leaked picture is actually a still from her 2010 music video Who Owns My Heart.

The photo came in at a time when celeb phone hacking scandal blew up the Web last week and after Cyrus had explained for the umpteenth time that: A) She's not a good girl gone bad; B) She's 18 now and can do whatever the heck she wants--within reason, reports