After 11 days of waiting, LeBron James decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James made his announcement Friday in an article penned for Sports Illustrated, as told to veteran reporter Lee Jenkins. James says Cleveland and Ohio were always his home, and while he cherished his time in Miami, he wanted to return and bring Cleveland a championship.

James even addressed the letter Cavs owner Dan Gilbert penned to fans four years ago that questioned the four-time MVP’s heart and called him narcissistic, among other things. James said his emotions were mixed, but that he met face-to-face with Gilbert and the two have worked out their issues.

LeBron James Cleveland
LeBron James last donned a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey in 2010 before signing with the Miami Heat. Photo: Reuters

Cleveland fans rejoiced on Twitter, with many thankful for his return after four long years. Though many questioned the fans who swore they would never root for James again, and dragged his name through the street.


Miami fans had their own mixed reactions, with many taking shots, but most applauding James' move, and stating they would still support the Heat. Dwyane Wade took a few shots though.