Miami Heat star Lebron James choked when it counted the most in the NBA Finals.  His Heat team lost the series 4-2 to the Dallas Mavericks after a crushing defeat on their home court 105-95 in Game 6.

While Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki was hailed as the finals MVP, James was left in the dust for his poor performance throughout the series, in particular in the fourth quarter.

James only scored a combined 11 points in the fourth quarter during the first five games of the series.  In Game 6, he did not do much better, scoring only 7 points.

In fact, James was a paltry -24 in +/- for the game which was the worst among Heat players.  The only other Heat starter that was negative was center Joel Anthony at -3, but he only played 11 minutes total, to give way for Udonis Haslem.

Though other players didn't play well, only James played significantly below his typical play for the Heat.

In the end, Lebron James simply choked when it counted the most.