LeBron James made a young fan cry on Sunday night, but not tears of joy because of the 90-78 win by Miami Heat over Orlando Magic in Miami, rather for landing on top of them while they were seated courtside at American Airlines Arena.

James went to block a shot from the corner on Sunday and missed, landing in the front row on accident atop two male children watching the game. One of the boys was hit full force by 6'8, 250-pound LeBron James, causing his eyes to well up in tears. The child who took most of the impact was seen moments after crying hysterically and holding his head in pain.

Thankfully, James went back to the collision site afterwards to ensure the kids were alright and apologized to the parents. It appears they were not seriously injured, as the mother and father waved.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN tweeted the event as it happened.

LeBron just crashed into two little kids sitting in front row. There are tears, Windhorst tweeted.

This isn't the first time LeBron crashed into someone seated courtside. Last month, when the Miami Heat unveiled their new black uniforms, LeBron crashed into the front row and landed on top of Jeffrey Loria, the owner of the Miami Marlins.

Maybe the NBA should consider installing glass like the NHL or constructing bumpers like the ones used in gutters for bowling?

View the video of LeBron's courtside crash from Sunday, making a young fan cry, and the crash from January.