Miami Heat star LeBron James is reportedly mulling the possibility of becoming the next president of the National Basketball Players Association, sources close to the four-time league MVP revealed Thursday.

According to one source, James, 28, is giving “some very heavy thought” to running become the NBA’s next union president, ESPN reports. James would be replacing longtime NBPA president Derek Fisher, whose term ended this summer.

The players association could potentially select Fisher’s successor by as early as August, when union officials meet for their annual summit in Las Vegas, ESPN reports. For James, the biggest obstacle to running for NBPA president appears to be the time commitment that the position entails. The additional responsibilities of the union president may be logistically impossible, given his preexisting commitments to various charities and sponsorship, as well as the Heat’s propensity for deep playoff runs.

Despite the potential scheduling conflicts, James is reportedly collaborating with fellow players and close advisors to gauge his candidacy for the role. “It’s a very important position for where things are going,” a source close to James told ESPN.

James first became involved in union affairs in 2011, when he attended negotiations between the NBPA and league officials during the NBA lockout, ESPN reports. In 2013, the 28-year-old voiced his opinion that the players association was in need of major reform. James is also close friends with Chris Paul, who once served as the union’s vice president.

In addition to the loss of Fisher, the player’s association will have to address the departure of executive director Billy Hunter, who was discharged amid charges of misappropriating union funds, ESPN reports. Hunter subsequently sued the NBPA, and the organization has yet to name his successor.