Basketball superstar LeBron James plans to launch a digital cartoon series online in association with MTV and Spring Hill Productions.

The series will span ten episodes and will be introduced (through online distribution) early this year. Episodes of the show will also be hosted on YouTube.

James said the show is a great way to show youths of all ages how to be a good person.

According to media reports, the show will be based partially on a recent spate of commercials James appeared in for Nike in which he appeared as various animated characters.

“I'm just really excited about this show,” James said. “It goes back to the four characters that I feel like I am on a day-to-day basis. You've got 'Kid LeBron,' you've got 'Athlete LeBron,' you've got 'Business LeBron' and you've got 'Wise,' kind of the mentor of the whole family. It's an exciting time for me to be able to get this out to, not only kids, but to everyone. Everyone is going to have an opportunity to relate to them. So just stay tuned, they're on their way.