Another episode of “The Legend of Korra” premiered Friday, Oct. 10, on While the Book 4 premiere hardly featured the title character until the last scene, Season 4’s second episode, “Korra Alone,” featured the Avatar almost exclusively. “Legend of Korra” creators Michael DiMartino and Brian Konietzko told fans at New York Comic-Con (where the episode was screened Thursday night) that the episode was meant to display the toll that Book 3’s events with Zaheer (Henry Rollins) took on Korra (Janet Varney).

Check out three reveals from “The Legend of Korra” Book 4 episode 2:

Where is Korra?

Fans finally saw Korra (Janet Varney) at the end of the premiere in a pro-bending duel -- and losing! It seems she'd been in the Southern Kingdom all this time trying to get her mojo back. After losing the fight, she's been haunted by her Dark Avatar vision. Fearing she's losing her grip on reality, she follows a curious dog looking for answers.


Before the episode could give fans any answers, it flashed back to not long after Korra was poisoned by Zaheer (Henry Rollins) in Book 3. She was not doing well, and after saying goodbye to her family and friends, she set out to visit Katara (Eva Marie Saint) and begin the healing process. While training she receives a letter from Asami (Seychelle Gabriel), Bolin (P.J. Byrne) and Mako (David Faustino) filling her in on what fans already saw in the premiere. When Korra hit a wall in her recovery, though, she set out alone, claiming to be headed for Republic City, but in truth heading south to do some soul searching. She later cut her hair and changes her outfit in frustration.


When the episode picked back up in the present, the dog Korra was following turned out to be the spirit Rava (Morgan Gingerich) who had tried earlier in the episode to help Korra while she was meditating. She led Korra into the swamp where Korra confronted and fought the Dark Avatar vision, blacking out while sinking into some magical quicksand. When she woke up she was in the swamp lair on an old woman who seemed to recognize her, or at least her Avatar spirit. It turned out Korra had found Toph (Philece Sampler)! “Avatar” fans have not seen the character in the present (she appeared as a vision in “Korra” Book 1) since 2008 in “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” The blind friend of Avatar Aang (“D.B. Sweeney) appeared to be back to assist Korra now. The fan favorite character greeted Korra by saying, “nice to see you again 'Twinkletoes'” (the nickname she used for Aang). F

"Legend of Korra" fans will have a hard time waiting for episode 4 of the final season.

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