Legend Of Korra
Opal (voiced by Alyson Stoner, left) and Kai (voiced by Skyler Brigmann, right) tried to keep a state out of Kuvira's (Zelda Williams, not pictured) hands in the Book 4 premiere of "The Legend of Korra." Nickelodeon

Korra (Janet Varney) is back! Well, not exactly, but we will get to that later. “The Legend of Korra,” however, returned to Nickelodeon for a fourth season on Friday, Oct. 3, with the Book 4 premiere airing on Nick.com. Fans didn't have to wait long for new episodes after the Book 3 finale, which aired on Aug. 22. That’s a good thing, too -- fans have been eager for more action after the exciting defeat of the Red Locusts at the end of the last season.

Here are the three big takeaways from the Season 4 premiere of "The Legend of Korra:"

1. A New Republic City

Book 4 picks up three years after Book 3’s finale (the episode is called “After All These Years”) and a lot has changed. Fans got their first glimpses of the new Republic City, which has reunited with Earth kingdom, via a black and white, old-timey newsreel video touring the city. There's a park named after Korra, and the city and the spirit world are living together harmoniously.

The city was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the airbenders and Korra. Korra and her clan were said to be on their way for the coronation of the new Earth kingdom king, Price Wu. Mako (David Faustino) was serving as Wu’s bodyguard and he wasn't enjoying looking after the spoiled, pampered ruler.

2. A New Villain?

Meanwhile, there was trouble elsewhere in the Earth kingdom. Kuvira (Zelda Williams), who was introduced in Book 3 (and who many fans speculated would be the next villain), is on her own mission to unite every state of the Earth kingdom. It's not explicitly clear yet that she's “evil,” after all, she’s engaged to marry Opal’s (Alyson Stoner) brother Bataar (Todd Haberkom). However, she opposes Wu and is strong-arming each state into signing a contract of loyalty to her in exchange for protection from her army against bandits who are ravaging the area. She does so to another state in the premiere after Opal and Kai (Skyler Brigmann) fail to protect it themselves.

3. Where is Korra?

When the airbenders finally arrived in Republic City, Korra wasn't with them and they were under the impression that she was already in the city. Apparently, she's been missing for months, but where is she? Fans got the answer (sort of) at the end of the episode. Korra was seen at the end of the episode dueling in a fighting ring (and losing). It seems she's still not doing well after being captured by the Red Locusts in Season 3 and being temporarily handicapped. Hopefully, she can pull it together soon, because from the looks of Kuvira in the premiere (she single-handedly detained a group of bandits in a canyon in the episode), Korra will be needed soon.

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