Lennox the dog, a cancer-stricken boxer, had a feast before being put down, with word of the lavish last meal going viral on Reddit and YouTube.

Reddit user Nikolaoss shared a picture on Reddit of his roommate’s dog, Lennox, staring down his last meal of a turkey leg wrapped in bacon, sausage and rice. In the YouTube video, which you can view above, the ill boxer attacks the bacon first before devouring the turkey leg.

Lennox’s story spurred Reddit users to share their memories of their pets. Nikolaoss said he posted the photo to show how the boxer lived, not how he died.

The post has more than 1,800 upvotes on the social media site along with nearly 2,000 comments.

“Thanks for all the comments, my roommate appreciates it a lot,” Nikolaoss wrote. “This post isn't meant to be sad in any way. He lived like an absolute boss all his life! And the meal reflects that!”

The Reddit user said Lennox suffered from cancer and arthritis before being put down Wednesday.

“He has severe cancer and arthritis. After many surgeries, which include a tumor on his left ear which you can see had surgery on,” they wrote. “Now there is a huge growth on his left shoulder that you can see in the pic, he can barely walk on that side, and barely gets up anymore.”

The YouTube video has also gone viral, with the clip of Lennox enjoying his last meal viewed more than 23,000 times as of late Friday afternoon.

“This is so sad, but at the same time a beautiful moment. I know that Lennox is in a good place now,” wrote user Tamara Garcia. The comment drew 51 likes on YouTube.

“You are BEYOND cool - for doing this AND for sharing it. I will do that for my critters, too! Obviously he was loved, and you are a GREAT pet pal. such a decent thing to do! Thank you again,” wrote YouTube user PrivacyPleas.

Cassandra Renne opined, “ooohh hunny. looked like he really enjoyed his meal. I am so sorry for your loss. We had a saint that suffered a stroke and could not walk, I wish we would have thought about giving her a great last meal.”