Leslie Carter was under the influence of several drugs at the time of her death and may have overdosed, a police report stated. The singer also had a history of mental illness and was taking medication for her depression, authorities were told.

An incident report from Chautaqua County, N.Y., Sheriff's Office listed three drugs: Olanzapine, cyclobensaprine HCL and Alprazolam. But the investigation into the singer's death continues.

Leslie Carter, an aspiring singer and sister of pop stars Nick and Aaron Carter, died Tuesday in upstate New York. 

The police report shows that Ginger Carter, the stepmother of the deceased, told authorities that Leslie had a long history of mental illness and was on medication for her depression. She told responding officers that Leslie Carter seemed depressed on the morning she died.

Ginger Carter called 911 that day and reported that her stepdaughter was asleep on her bed not breathing. Leslie Carter's father, Robert, was at home and started to perform CPR to revive her. Leslie Carter was taken to the hospital,, where she was pronounced dead.

The events leading up to her death that, as stated in the report, is as followed:

- Ginger and Leslie both had coffee on the front porch and that Leslie seemed OK in the morning.

- Leslie asked Ginger to watch her 10-month-old daughter for the day because she wasn't feeling well.

- Ginger said that after breakfast Leslie went to the bathroom and was there for a while, so she then checked on her stepdaughter and spoke to her through the door.

Ginger thought something was wrong, the report noted. Ginger went into the bathroom and found that Ashton had fallen into the shower.

- She then held Leslie up and led her to the bedroom and placed her on a bed. She brought the baby into the room where Leslie was sleeping twice, and thought she looked OK and was just sleeping.

It was when Robert came home at 4:16 p.m. that Leslie was found in the bed not breathing or responding.

Leslie married her husband Mike Ashton in 2008 and gave birth to a daughter name Alyssa Jane Ashton last April. She is survived by her husband, parents, daughter and four siblings, according to reports.

Leslie followed the footsteps of her famous brothers, and had a single titled Like Wow! It was included on the soundtrack of the movie Shrek in 2011.