YouTube is jumping on the Let it Snow sleigh, adding an Easter Egg that causes snowflakes to stream across the screen when web browsers type Let it Snow into the search bar on the site's homepage.

The phenomenon became most popular on Google, where a similar animation begins when users search for the phrase. Easter eggs are immensely popular features of major websites, making people feel like they are in the know.

Google's Do a Barrel Roll Easter Egg is one of the most popular Easter Eggs in the history of the site, and it is still in effect. Simply type the phrase into your browser and it will do a full spin.

The link-shortening website also added a Let it Snow feature this holiday season.

A Grinchly-green man with a red Santa hat next to a sign reading Let it Snow appears at the top-right corner of the screen when Web users access Bitly.

After clicking on the icon, the browser window is slowly inundated by a light dusting of winter snow, which continues until the Stop Snowing icon is clicked.