President Barack Obama has a blacklist and apparently so does “The Late Show” host David Letterman.

Oscar nominee James Franco visited the 65-year-old talk show host Monday to promote his crime drama “Spring Breakers”. When Franco inquired why the film’s director Harmony Korine couldn’t make an appearance on the talk show, Letterman admitted to banning him.

Letterman revealed Korine, 40, was banned from the program 10 year prior when he caught the director and screenwriter rifling through actress Meryl Streep’s purse backstage.

“I went upstairs to greet Meryl Streep [in the green room] she was not in there. I looked around and I found your friend Harmony going through her purse. True story,” said Letterman who then told Korine to replace the items and leave the premises.

Franco stood up for the director saying he considers him a good friend and claiming he is a “good guy” now.

“Harmony is a very sane guy now. He’s a great artist. He’s a great person to work with. I think he had a period where he was going a little off the rails so maybe he was on something that night…I vouch for him” said Franco.

Franco claims he originally believed the director was banned for pushing the Oscar winning actress.

“The legend is that he pushed Meryl Streep backstage. I mean if you push Meryl Streep backstage, you get kicked off,” he said.

The topic of Korine was raised after the pair discussed Franco’s “Spring Breakers” co-star Selena Gomez’s appearance on the show last week. When Franco commented that Gomez took the racy role because her mom was a fan Korine, Letterman commented that his fan club was a “small group”.

Korine reportedly made three previous appearances on “The Late Show”. Letterman announced during the program that he would be “more than happy” for Korine to pay another visit.

Korine is best known for screenwriting the 1995 crime drama “Kids” and directing the 1997 drama “Gummo”.