Levi Johnston, who became famous for fathering Bristol Palin's baby Tripp, is reportedly broke, confused about his life, and living with his mom after blowing $1 million.

Johnston, 22, who once posed in Playgirl and abandoned a bid for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, reportedly spent all his cash on guns, boats and four-wheelers, a source told Us Weekly.

The magazine reported Levi Johnston is not living up to his fatherly duties by failing to support his 3-year-old son, both financially and emotionally.

Levi hasn't paid child support in nearly two years, another source told Us Weekly. And he has little contact with Tripp.

The first source said Johnston, who considered a run for Wasilla mayor and had a daughter on the way with girlfriend Sunny Oglesby, is also confused about his life.

Because of Johnston's money woes, he's been living with his mother in Alaska, the magazine reported.

But Levi Johnston's former spokesman, Tank Jones, told Us Weekly he is not as despondent as the magazine's sources claim.

Johnston was once engaged to Bristol Palin, but they broke it off in March 2009.

Despite the breakup, Johnston has been in the spotlight, whether it be for posing in Playgirl or writing his critical book about the Palins, Deer In The Headlights: My Life In Sarah Palin's Crosshairs.