LG Electronics announced its first premium camera mobile phone on Thursday and an executive told Reuters the company aimed for 10-15 percent of this market segment within about a year.

The Viewty will go on sale in Europe in mid-October, priced somewhere between its hit Shine phone, which sells for about 400 euros ($547), and its LG Prada fashion phone, which sells for about 600 euros, Chang Ma told Reuters.

Ma, who is in charge of design strategy at LG's mobile communications division, said the phone was designed for ease of sending, sharing and viewing pictures and video.

It has a touch screen, a 5.1 mega pixel camera and a hot key for uploading video to YouTube.

Ma said the Viewty would go on sale worldwide within a month or two of its European launch.

LG also launched a new smartphone, the LG-KS20, with touch screen and high-speed HSDPA Internet access. The KS20 is the first device based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform LG has launched in Europe.

The announcements and interview took place in Berlin at IFA, Europe's biggest consumer electronics trade fair.