LG has already set a release date for the LG G3 and LG G2 Pro, according to a report from Asia Business Daily. Both phones will sport a Quad HD, or QHD, display, so named because it offers four times the resolution of 720p.

The LG G2 Pro will be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, or MWC 2014, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of February. Meanwhile, the LG G3 has a May 17 release date, according to the Daily.

A May release date for the LG G3 would mean a shorter release cycle for the Korean manufacturer’s flagship, as the G2 was released last September. The move might be a preemptive strike against rival Samsung, whose Galaxy S5 will reportedly offer a similar QHD display to consumers following a rumored April or May release.

The LG G3 was previouly rumored to have a fingerprint reader along with a powerful octo-core CPU. The Korean report says that the LG G3 will spec a QHD display along with the LG G2 Pro. QHD offers a 1440x1560-pixel screen resolution, up 30 percent from a 1080p screen. The LG G3 will also bump the screen size up from its predecessor from 5.2 inches to 5.5 inches, according to reports.

LG also has a pair of wearables set for release sometime after MWC 2014, the G Arch and the G Health, with the G Arch likely a smartphone with a curved or flexible display, and the G Health offering a lower-end, sports and fitness band alternative, similar to the Nike Fuelband. LG was approved for a trademark on the G Health name in October 2013.

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