It’s been discovered that LG has patented a new design that appears to be for the LG V30. The patent, which was discovered by the Dutch website, shows a bezel-less design that appears to be a combination of the V and G-series.

The illustration for LG’s patent shows a smartphone that appears to have no bezels. However, instead of single display, the handset comes with a secondary display at the top.

The use of a secondary display is very much like the LG V20’s design, while the overall look of the phone resembles the LG G6. 

The use of the secondary display on this patent is the reason why it’s being speculated to be for the LG V30, the successor to the V20. The illustration shows that the secondary display will be for quick access to apps and media controls.

It wasn’t made clear if this phone will only use one continuous display or if the top part is completely separate. However, it does look like it will function very similarly to how the secondary display on the V10 and V20 work. The look of the phone also suggests that it might have the same 18:9 screen aspect ratio from G6.

IBT reported earlier this week that LG might start using AMOLED panels for its flagship smartphones starting with the V30. AMOLED panels would be ideal if LG plans on using this method of adding a secondary display.

What’s most intriguing thing with the patent is the placement of the front-facing camera. Unlike the V10 and the V20, the camera on this new phone is located in the middle of the secondary display. The earpiece and the sensors are nowhere in sight.

It’s possible that LG could place the sensors underneath the display, something that Apple is rumored to be doing for the iPhone 8. As for the earpiece, it’s possible that the second ring surrounding the camera might be the grille, as speculated by Phandroid.

Another possibility here is that LG might go the Xiaomi Mi Mix route by using bone conduction technology. That kind of audio tech wasn’t well-received on the Mi Mix, but LG might have found a way to implement it better for the LG V30.

Illustration also shows the bottom of the device. The phone appears to have a single speaker grille, a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. LG and Samsung are both adamant in retaining the headphone jack, and may as well be their major differentiator from rivals that have begun removing it, as pointed out by Android Headlines.

Although everyone seems convinced this patent will be for the LG V30, there really is no evidence that suggests that this patent might end up being a real product. However, the design seems to show that LG intends to continue innovating the bezel-less design it started with the G6.