In Libya, rebels have taken control of most of the city of Tripoli, but pro-Gaddafi forces have launched a counter-attack as promised.

Speaking on a local radio station, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi said early Wednesday morning that he would continue the fight against rebels and NATO, and promised that the battle would end with either victory or martyrdom, according to Reuters.

Moussa Ibrahim, a Libyan government spokesman, said on state-run media outlet Al-Urubah that 80 percent of Tripoli is now under government control, and that a volunteer army has retaken the capital.

While there haven't yet been reports of clashes within Tripoli, Al-Jazeera reported that pro-government forces are firing scud missiles at rebels in the city of Misrata. According to the network, the Libyan government is now based in Sirte.

Rebels stormed Tripoli over the week and finally broke through Gaddafi's Bab Al-Aziziya compound on Tuesday.

Four hundred people were killed and 2,000 injured in three days of fighting between the rebels and pro-Gadhafi forces in the capital, but the anti-government fighters tore through the enclosure with little resistance.

Gaddafi's whereabouts are still a mystery. He has not been seen in public since June and many speculate that he hiding in Sirte, where he was born. The Libyan commander said in his radio address that leaving Tripoli was a tactical move, and that he is preparing to strike back against dissidents.