The transitional government in Libya -- the National Transitional Council -- has all but officially declared victory in the war against Moammar Gadhafi and the former Libyan government.

Revolutionary troops are making their final pushes into the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid, expecting to claim the strongholds in a matter of days. The cities are two of the very few places in Libya not in the NTC's control.

But, the war, which started as an anti-government demonstration back in Februrary, was not completely smooth for the force once called the rebels. Working with little funds and organization, Libyans angry after years of oppression that culminated in Gadhafi ordering security forces to shoot and kill unarmed protestors took up whatever arms they could find against their government.

With air-support from NATO, the anti-government force tore through the country, gaining members and popularity along the way. They also picked up more munitions and firepower as they sacked army bases and cities like the capital of Tripoli, where Gadhafi had stashed weapons in underground bunkers. Still, the war had to be improvised, and the Libyan rebels made their own tanks and artillery.

Pick-up trucks became a common sight in battle, and could be seen as the symbol of the popular anti-Gadhafi residence. Mechanics attached cannons and rocket launchers to flatbeds and cars carries troops across the country.

Below is a display of the makeshift vehicles of war used by NTC forces in their fight for the freedom of Libya.