Libyans Commemorate Abu Salim Prison Massacre

By @dantovrov on
File photo of Senussi, former  head of the Libyan Intelligence Service, speaking to the media in Tripoli
Al-Senussi faces charges in Mauritania for illegally entering the country, a source said. Reuters

With the Moammar Gadhafi regime gone, Libyans were able, for the first time, to publicly commemorate the 1996 Abu Salim prison massacre on Friday. Indeed, Libyans flocked to the Tripoli jail to view an exhibition on the massacre.

Gadhafi's brother-in-law and former spy chief, Abdullah al-Senussi, is believed to have given the order to shoot more than 1,200 prisoners who were protesting for better conditions and fairer trials. Senussi was arrested in Mauritania in November, and if he is extradited back to Libya he could stand trial for the killings.

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