Endeavour leader Captain Mark Kelly and wife and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will write a memoir which will throw light into the details of the remarkable recovery made by Giffords after she was shot by a gunman on January 8.

Since January 8, it's been really touching to us to see how much support there is for Gabby and her recovery, and how much interest there is in how she's doing and her story,' Kelly said, announcing the decision to write the book.

Kelly has said he is retiring from NASA and the U.S. Navy to help Giffords recover and rehabilitate. As life takes unexpected turns we frequently come to a crossroads, Kelly wrote in a post on Facebook. I am at this point today. Gabrielle is working hard every day on her mission of recovery. I want to be by her side. Stepping aside from my work in the Navy and at NASA will allow me to be with her and with my two daughters.

For the proposed book, Kelly and Giffords are collaborating with author Jeffrey Zaslow, who worked on Randy Pausch's million-selling 'The Last Lecture' and Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger's 'Highest Duty', the Daily Mail reported.

It is said the couple will delve into their personal life, their careers and their courtship in the book. Miss Giffords will focus on her recovery, but Kelly said that the book will be part of that process and that she will provide details of what 'she remembers after January 8 and her story before that, the report said.

A share of the proceeds from the book will be donated to charities that benefit Tucson and Arizona, the report said.