Was Lil Wayne arrested at the Grammys? Birdman says no, the rapper was good all day.

Shortly before Weezy took the stage Sunday night at the Staples Center to spit a verse during a performance with David Guetta, Chris Brown, the Foo Fighters and Dead Mau5, the rumor mill started churning with rumors that the rapper had been arrested backstage on a gun-related charge.

The claims grew even louder after the concert ended, as they hit Twitter with a vengeance.

Twitter user @Michellemmm tweeted after the Grammys: apparently Lil Wayne just got arrested backstage at the Grammys on a gun charge. What a multi-tasker, he was just on stage!

But Bryan Birdman Williams, head of Cash Money Records and long-time collaborator and friend of Lil Wayne's, told Forbes that the rumors were false:

[It's] not true, he's good, Birdman told the magazine. I never heard about that. He was good all day.

If Weezy had been arrested, it would not have been his first brush with the law. He was jailed for eight months in 2010 on a criminal posession of a weapon charge related to a 2007 arrest.

By Monday morning the hype had died down a little bit on Twitter, as news started spreading that Birdman had denied the claims against his label's star rapper.

Twitter user @Kyvaro tweeted the following at about 9 a.m. Monday: Birdman Denies Lil Wayne Was Arrested At Grammy Awards For Gun Possession.

Lil Wayne, a 29-year-old New Orleans native, has had one of the most successful hip hop careers in music history, releasing a number of multi-platinum-selling albums over the past 15 years.