Lil Wayne became a trending topic on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, after claims that the rapper got a new tattoo on his face.

The "Lollipop" artist allegedly got a design of a vagina on his forehead.

"Lil Wayne gets vagina tattoo on his face ... I'm so happy the world is ending in a few days. I just can’t …” wrote @2soRamalivhana.

“Did Lil Wayne really get a va**** tattoo? OMG if that’s true I’m gonna laugh so hard and lose any further hope I have for humanity,” wrote @yogabbbagabba.”

If it is true that Lil Wayne got such a tattoo, he will not be the first artist with a questionable design on their body.

In September, Chris Brown revealed his latest body art, a tattoo of a woman's face on his neck, and it is speculated to be an image of Rihanna.

It would not be the first time he's tattooed a girlfriend on his body, as Brown has a tattoo of his current girlfriend, model Karreuche Tran's face on his arm.

According to the New York Daily News, the black-and-white image on Brown's neck show a woman with a bone structure strikingly similar to that of Rihanna. Her lips are covered in stitches and she looks like she has a black eye and bruising on the right side of her face.

Sources close to Brown told TMZ that any similarities the picture has with Rihanna's face are simply coincidental, as "It's a random woman."

However, the image looks very much like Rihanna's face after Brown assaulted her in 2009, which resulted in her having a black eye and bruised lip.

Lil Wayne, if he in fact has tattooed a vagina on his forehead, will be adding to his vast face tattoo collection. He already has teardrops on his face, and the words "Fear" and "God" on his eyelids, among other designs.