Whether or not this is part of her comeback, Lindsay Lohan is now after controversial photographer Terry Richardson.

According to Radar Online, the 25-year-old actress and the 46-year-old photographer had a steamy night of passion, and now Lohan wants a relationship.

Lindsay and Terry have been friends for years . . . and she's always had a thing for him. Lindsay thinks he's really cool and hip and could be great for her career, a source told the gossip site.

They had a major night of passion after they worked on this photo shoot together and now she's going all out to get her claws into him. But Terry is just not interested in pursuing a relationship with Lindsay and totally regrets hooking up with her, the source added.

In February, Richardson and Lohan completed two photo shoots, including a spread for Love Magazine. The poses, of course, were controversial. But is there anything about Lohan not controversial these days?

The same could be said of Richardson, who has had a nasty history of sexual harassment allegations from models he's photographed in the past.

This man has built his business/pleasure empire on breaking the cardinal rule of asking a young girl you don't know to come over to your house and hang out naked: don't be a f**king creep, said model Jamie Peck, who was 19 years old when she worked with Richardson.

In 2010, Peck wrote a piece called Terry Richardson Is Really Creepy: One Model's Story, for The Gloss.

Lohan, who hosted SNL last Saturday (to mixed reviews), recently told Matt Lauer on the Today Show that more than anything else, she wanted to get her career back in order.

I don't want [a relationship]. Not right now. I want to focus on me and I want to focus on work, she said.

According to the Radar Online source, Lohan has been trying to contact Richardson through text messages after their night of passion.

He's actually kind of freaked out by how strong she's been coming on to him . . . as Terry said, there's nothing more unattractive than a desperate woman, the source told Radar Online.

Richardson, who has photographed everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Lana Del Rey to Jared Leto, recently released a photo book with Lady Gaga, simply titled Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson.

Lohan is getting ready to portray the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, which starts production in May.

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