Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan has been arrested for the second time in a week after he reportedly violated the terms and conditions of his release from jail.

In a desperate attempt to escape police, Lohan jumped from the third floor. However, it was not long before the police could chase him down and put him into jail all over again, according to CNN.

Apparently, officers detained Michael Lohan after his girlfriend, Kate Major, had informed the police that Lohan made a harassing call to her, the Tampa Police Department said in a statement.

Lohan was first arrested Monday night on suspicion of domestic violence on his live-in girlfriend Kate Major, but he was let out after he posted a bail.

Just after 1 a.m. Thursday, Lohan's girlfriend called police, informing that he had called her. Lohan once again called Kate while she was talking with the police, and this time, she put him on speaker phone, police said.

After prosecutors authorized Lohan's re-arrest, officers went to a hotel, the Tahitian Inn, where he was staying. Upon seeing officers, he jumped out of a third-storey balcony in an attempt to escape arrest, the police statement said.

It was only after the officers took Lohan to the jail that they realized that he may have broken his foot.

Tampa police spokeswoman Andrea Davis said that Lohan had been admitted for overnight observation at Tampa General Hospital.

After his previous arrest, Lohan told the media Wednesday that he didn't lay a hand on his girlfriend. I did not hurt her, he said.