Lindsay Lohan may have felt far away from her problems in Hawaii, but the jacking of her $5,000 channel purse seems to have brought the troubled actress back to reality. The bag contained her passport, cash and probation papers from court, TMZ reported.

The probation papers allowed Lohan to take a vacation to Hawaii with her sister, but if she fails to show up for her hearing on Wednesday, the judge could find her in contempt of court and revoke her probation, according to TMZ.

This is not the first time the actress's purse got stolen. Last year in Cannes, France, exactly the same thing happened: Lohan left her purse in a car with her passport and a large amount of hard cash.

Lohan took the vacation to Hawaii to escape the paparazzi that has been stalking her after her nude pictures for Playboy were leaked ahead of publication.

The hacker, who has claimed responsibility for leaking the photos of the actress posing nude on a red velvet chair, says he came across the pictures on peer-to-peer file sharing Webs ites, the Daily Mail reported.

The photos were supposed to be released in next week's January/February Playboy spread, but were leaked online by the hacker on Friday.

The hacker, who hasn't disclosed his name, told Fox News that he has distributed photos of Playboy spreads before.

When I've done it before, Playboy sent a e-mail to take down the links, and I do,' he said. I don't have a clue as to the original source of the leaked pages, which could have been stolen during the digital publishing process or hacked from a server.

Lohan reportedly received $1 million for the shoot.