Lindsey Vonn is just friends with rising NFL star Tim Tebow and his family, a rep of Vonn told the New York Post.

“Anyone who is trying to suggest any more to their relationship is wrong,” said the rep.

Through her Twitter account, Vonn herself also stated: “Hearing a lot of crazy rumors but rest assured I am NOT dating Tim Tebow (or anyone else). I'm just friends with his family. xo, LV.”

So Vonn, a highly accomplished skier, model for Sports Illustrated’s swim suit issue, Tebowing winner and soon-to-be-divorced woman is not dating Tebow or anyone else.

(Photo below from Reuters)

The rumor started partly because of her Tebowing and her watching of Tebow in action at the Tebow family box in his game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the speculation of whether or not Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is dating someone (and if so, who) continues.

Before Vonn, Erin Drewes was (falsely) rumored to be Tebow’s girlfriend.

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Tebow, on his part, is a devout Christian. Back in 2009, the famed athlete claimed he was still a virgin and was saving his virginity for marriage.

(Photo below from Reuters)