The spread of Linsanity continues, with New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated for the second week in a row. No New York athlete had ever done that before.

Lin's first cover, for the magazine's Feb. 20 issue, showed him driving to the basket while covered by Los Angeles Lakers. On the Feb. 27 cover, Lin is pumping a fist.

The Knicks might have lost games Friday and Monday, but Lin seems to be winning. The Harvard graduate scored 21 points on Monday against the New Jersey Nets, and SI predicts he's going to be making big money.

The magazine also reports that in China, Lin's No. 17 Knicks uniform jersey is outselling that of hero Yao Ming, a former Houston Rockets star.

Depending on how linsane things get, the new star could join a list of famous athletes to score multiple SI covers. Michael Jordan holds the top spot at 57 covers, followed by Muhammad Ali with 38 and Tiger Woods with 24.

Then there's the matter of the SI cover jinx. Legend has it that those who grace the cover subsequently have bad luck. This may explain the two losses following Lin's initial appearance out front.

The latest SI issue featuring Lin goes on sale Wednesday.