Season 5 of “Little Women: LA” is slated to be one of the most dramatic installations yet, especially since half the cast is pregnant. Elena Gant is pregnant with twins, Briana Renee is pregnant with her second child and Terra Jolé is also pregnant with her second. But it’s not just about the mommas-to-be and their babies. Season 5 also follows Matt Ericson’s cheating scandal and tension between Tonya Banks and Terra, who have been best friends for years. To find out more spoilers, continue reading below.

Terra and Joe:

At the end of Season 4, Terra revealed she was pregnant with baby No. 2. Their first daughter, Penny, is a little person like her parents. Season 5 shows if their second child is going to be little, too. It seems the child might be like his or her parents, because the doctor says, “There might be complications.” Most of the time, little people have complications when they are born.

Briana and Matt:

As most fans know, Matt cheated on Briana by sending inappropriate pictures to other women. Since she is pregnant with his baby, she decides to forgive him. Because of her choice to remain with Matt, it causes a rift in her friendships. Briana even decided to cut ties with best friend Christy. “She’s chosen this man over her friends and he’s still talking to other people,” Christy says in a sneak peek clip.

But there’s more. One of the women Matt sexted will be shown on the series. Her name is Plastic Martyr and she’s a transgender model. She’s also friends with Christy, which could be part of the reason Briana chose to end their friendship.

Joe Fights with Christy:

Joe gets drunk at a dinner and slams Christy for filing a police report against Terra. Last season, Terra threw a glass at Christy’s head. Christy then accuses Joe of being an alcoholic and tells him that he needs to go to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Tonya and Terra:

While all the women are friends with each other, Tonya and Terra are the closest — until Season 5. It’s not clear what happened to tear them apart, but the former besties seem to be on the outs.

Elena and Preston:

Elena is pregnant with twin boys and things aren’t going easy for the Russian native. She apparently suffers from preeclampsia during her pregnancy and has her friends worried. During a preview, Elena cries to her husband about their nursery being empty.

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