One of the women Matt Ericson sexted was identified as Plastic Martyr, a transgender model. Above, "Little Women: LA" star Briana Renee is pictured. Lifetime

Viewers who saw Season 4 of “Little Women: LA” know that Matt Ericson sent dirty messages to other women while Briana Renee was pregnant, but Radar Online uncovered the identity of one of the women. Meet Plastic Martyr: A transgender model with more than 25,000 Instagram followers and over 180,000 Twitter followers.

Plastic Martyr is slated to appear on Season 5 of “Little Women: LA.” She reportedly went to a nail salon with Briana’s friend, Christy McGinty, to talk about Matt’s disrespectful behavior. "She told Christy that Matt sent her naked photos and sick messages over Instagram,” an insider told Radar Online Tuesday. Despite Matt’s persistence, Plastic Martyr said she shot down his advances.

The pint-sized reality star gave birth to a son, Maverick Jax, last week, but Plastic Marty doesn’t think he should be able to see him or Briana’s daughter from another relationship, Leiana. “She said she’s worried about Briana and doesn’t think Matt should be allowed around their children,” a source told Radar Online.

While some fans might be shocked to learn Matt was sending messages to Plastic Martyr, Briana’s costars – Terra Jolé, Tonya Banks, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge and Elena Gant—already knew.

Here’s a little more about Plastic Martyr: Aside from the “Little Women: LA” drama, she’s a celebrity in her own right. She has been modeling since the age of 14 and recently posed for Auxiliary Magazine. She also hosts a radio show called “Just Like You.”

She wants to keep her birth name hidden. "I came up with it when I was 14 and had a big following on MySpace. I didn’t want to use my real name for safety reasons so I made up a fun little stage name and it stuck," she told Ken Devo in 2014.

Even though she's popular on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, she first gained fame on MySpace. "I posted the photos on MySpace and next thing I know I was being contacted by all these different photographers to shoot," she said.

Season 5 of “Little Women: LA” will premiere on Lifetime Wednesday, July 13 at 9 p.m. EDT.

Promo photo for Season 5 of "Little Women: LA." Pictured: Christy McGinty, Terra Jolé, Elena Gant, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, Tonya Banks and Briana Renee. Lifetime

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