Live! With Kelly premiered on Monday with Kelly Ripa hosting her first show after Regis Philbin left with funny man Jerry Seinfeld as guest host.

Dubbed Operation Smooth Transition by Seinfeld, Ripa did a wonderful job holding her own in the post-Regis era. She brought the laughs and was her usual energetic self.

Oh my gosh, that was abrupt, Ripa said when the applause quickly after she was first announced.

Seinfeld wasn't a bad guest host either, as he, too, brought the laughs when he poked fun at Miss Piggy during guest Jason Segel's appearance on the program.

As a man, I find Miss Piggy a little overbearing, he said.

Both Seinfeld and Ripa kept the momentum going, as they teased viewers about a big announcement to be made. It turned out that announcement is Hawaiian Dream Wedding Giveaway, which is a write-in competition for a February wedding for a lucky couple and 30 guests at the newest Hawaii resort that is owned by Disney.

Seinfeld will continue guest hosting Live! With Kelly until Wednesday. How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris is set to co-hosts next week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Regis Philbin officially signed off from Live! With Regis and (co-host) last Friday after 28 years on air.