Riot Games will be holding a panel at PAX Dev in Seattle to discuss older "League of Legends" champions and their plans to remake them in order "to bring them to today's high quality standards," according to an email we received from the Santa Monica, Calif., firm.

Riot Games didn't specific what they meant by "older" champions. That could mean "LoL" champions that were released a year or two ago, or that could mean "LoL" champions that were released way back in the game's infancy in late 2009 and 2010.

Many newer "LoL" champions like Draven, Jayce, Graves, Zac, Hecarim, Fizz and others are really tough, often to the point that older champions can't stand up to them on a consistent basis. We're betting (and hoping) that Riot Games is out to fix this imbalance, while maintaining the viability of newer champions. By doing so, Riot Games would only be making one of the world's most popular games even more fun and possibly even more popular than it already is.

With that in mind, we've taken a look at the entire "League of Legends" champion roster. Here are five "LoL" champions that we think Riot will remake substantially so that they could compete against the newer, super-tough champions that the game offers.

1. Ashe

Ashe is almost completely dependent on her items in order to have any meaningful impact on games, which makes it difficult for Ashe players to hold their own against tough, newer champions. What's more, Ashe's natural movement speed is very low at 325. On top of that, none of Ashe's abilities give her any escapability, forcing the player to rely on using spells like Volley in order to slow oncoming enemy champions while also maintaining a safe distance. Ashe's fragility, combined with her dependence on items as well as her lack of escapability, means that she should get a substantial remake.

2. Ryze

Ryze is a solid champion who, because of his partial reliance on maximum mana for damage, can be built to sustain a fair amount of damage with mana-heavy items that also give health, armor and magic resistance like Rod of Ages, Frozen Heart and Banshee's Veil. However, unless Ryze is fighting a supremely fragile champion, he can't deal the kind of heavy burst damage that most mages can. Considering how tough and durable many "LoL" champions are, we think Ryze could get a remake that would allow fans of his to deal with much bigger chunks of damage in no time.

3. Shaco

Shaco is way too fragile to stick around in a team fight any substantial amount of time, and he doesn't do enough damage to make up for it. Stacking multiple Jack in the Box spells in a bush for enemy champions to walk into doesn't always pan out, and if a tank walks into that part of the map then the boxes aren't likely to deal out much pain anyway. Shaco's fragility, coupled with his inability to do much burst damage, could lead to a substantial remake.

4. Warwick

Not only does Warwick suffer from being a slow jungler, but he's not terribly durable either. His Infinite Duress spell gives him good crowd control, but because of his lack of durability, Warwick can easily succumb to death if the rest of the enemy champions gang up on him while he's casting Infinite Duress. Also, for a champion that's supposed to be a wolf, Warwick isn't terribly fast naturally. We like that Nidalee gains a little extra movement speed while she is in bushes, so why wouldn't a wolf gain something from hiding in a bush either? That's a relatively minor logic issue, though. Due to his lack of survivability as well as his less than effectively jungling abilities, Warwick is due for a revamp.

5. Vladimir

While Vladimir can heal himself and benefits from not having to use mana, he's not terribly durable and has a hard time against tanky champions. What's more, his attack range is fairly low and while he can use Sanguine Pool to get himself into and out of fights at will, it doesn't last long enough to serve as a foolproof option in either situation. For these reasons, we think Vladimir could get a substantial remake.

What do you think? Do you think these "LoL" champions should get remade? If not, then which ones? Sound off in the comments below.