Riot Games, developer of "League of Legends," announced that 120,000 transaction records from 2011, containing "hashed" and "salted" credit card numbers, have been accessed by hackers.

"LoL" user names, e-mail addresses, salted password hashes and some first and last names were also accessed according to an e-mail sent to "League of Legends" account holders. Riot Games also said that though the "LoL" password files are "unreadable," those with "easily guessable passwords" are vulnerable to account threats. We imagine that some examples of "easily guessable passwords" include "12345" and "qwerty."

In the e-mail, Riot Games indicates it will contact affected "LoL" players via e-mail to alert them, and that the investigation into the data breach is "ongoing."

Riot Games said it will require North America "LoL" players to change their "LoL" account passwords "within the next 24 hours." North America-based "LoL" players will be prompted to change their "LoL" password automatically once they log into the game. You can also change your "LoL" password by clicking here.

As a result of the "LoL" hack, Riot Games is currently developing new security features for "LoL." One of these is e-mail verification. When e-mail verification is implemented, all new "LoL" registrations and account changes will need to be associated with a valid e-mail address. Existing "LoL" players will also be required to provide a legit e-mail address.

Riot Games will also implement two-factor authentication into "LoL." Once two-factor authentication is added to "LoL," changes to "LoL" account e-mail and "LoL" account passwords will need to be verified via e-mail or SMS. You may remember that Blizzard entertainment, developer of the "Warcraft," "Starcraft" and "Diablo" games, also implemented two-factor authentication after many "Diablo 3" accounts were hacked. Since then, instances of "Diablo 3" account hacks have decreased dramatically.

What do you think of the "LoL" hacks? Were you affected? If so, feel free to tell us what happened to you and how you dealt with the situation. Were you using a weak account password? If so, once you change it, tell us what it was. We'll use the passwords you provide us with to put together a list of weak passwords that you shouldn't use for any online service, "LoL" or not. Sound off in the comments below.