Riot Games has given us a sneak peek at Ao Shin, a coming "League of Legends" champion. Check out the official concept art below.


Riot Games has said Ao Shin is in the "early stages" of development, referring to the concept champion as a "storm dragon" and a "guardian of the natural world." The other illustrations within the concept art may be representations of Ao Shin's spell. They include the conjuring of lightning, rain clouds and a hurricane or tornado. Ao Shin has also been described as a guardian of Ionia.

According to Riot Games, Ao Shin's name is derived from two places. Ao refers to the family name of "mythological dragon kings" that "rule water and weather." Riot says Shin has multiple meanings (presumably in Chinese), including "prosperity" and "rising storm." Riot expands on these points by saying that Ao Shin will rain "good fortune on his allies" and also bring "stormy, thunderous ruin upon his foes."

Riot also said Ao Shin won't be the very next champion to come out, so don't expect to see him soon.

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