Big changes could be coming to jungling and warding in "League of Legends" Season 4.

Morello, Lead Champion Designer for "League of Legends," said significantly fixing jungle and support gold flow as well as the wards and map vision system are both "must-haves" for "League of Legends" Season 4. However, while addressing jungle and support gold flow, Morello cautioned that addressing these problems could "very likely throw balance into a tailspin for preseason."

Morello also empathized with the plight of "League of Legends" Support players, saying Support gold flow suffers as a result of the considerable amount of gold that Supports have to spend on warding the map in order to provide vision for their allies. Morello also cited other issues like snowballing, "few real interesting ward decision-making opportunities" and "few people involved with the vision game." Morello didn't offer any specifics though, stating that details regarding the proposed changes "have to wait."


Xelnath, "League of Legends" systems designer, says these features have been worked on "for the last 3-4 months" and has been a "huge effort, in terms of collecting data, experimenting and generally playing mad scientist."

The focus on the plight of both junglers and supports in "League of Legends" is encouraging. Often, supports and junglers are expected to go above and beyond: ganking, warding, healing, helping, while also keeping up in the leveling and item upgrade processes. Often times, these expectations are unreasonable, and even the slight hint of failure, like a death, failed gank or running out of money for wards, can result in supports and junglers receiving the ire of their teammates. That's unfair to those junglers and supports who mean well for their teams. "League of Legends" has suffered from these issues for a long time.

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