Riot Games has announced the latest champion and skin sale for "League of Legends," the popular MOBA strategy game. The new sale will start tomorrow and run until Monday. Here's a rundown of the latest price cuts on champions.

Jayce, the hybrid melee/ranged fighter, will cost 487 RP. Wukong, the melee fighter, will be reduced to 440 RP. Blitzcrack, the tank/support, will have his price dropped to 395 RP.

These are all terrific champions with widespread appeal. Jayce can harass from afar using Shock Blast (Q) without having to worry about putting himself in danger and does plenty of damage to boot. Shock Blast (Q) is even deadlier and more difficult for enemies to avoid when used with Acceleration Gate (E), which makes Shock Blast travel even faster.

If built properly, Wukong can do considerable damage and take a significant beating as well, which he owes in part to his Stone Skin passive that grants his bonus armor and magic resistance based on how many enemy champions are near him. Cyclone, Wukong's ultimate R spell, can completely change the course of a fight and an entire game if used correctly. Decoy, which allows Wukong to cloak, is invaluable and allows Wukong to escape from many tricky situations intact. When combined with Nimbus Strike (E) and Crushing Blow (Q), it's quite easy to master the art of the Nimbus Strike (E), Crushing Blow (Q) and Decoy (W) combo, which allows Wukong to practically harass enemy champions while avoiding damage himself.

Blitzcrank is probably the hardest champion to play of the three, because of the delay between his Rocket Grab (Q) pulling ability. If misfired, it can put the breaks on your team's ability to surprise the enemy, especially considering that you can grab enemy minions as well as enemy champions with it. A misfire can also ruin the element of surprise for your team, effectively dashing any momentum you could have gained from a successful Rocket Grab (Q). It's also essential that you learn to combine Rocket Grab (Q) with a quick Power Fist (E). If you can't master this combination, don't even think about buying Blitzcrank. If you can or think you can, you'll be an incredibly valuable addition to any "League of Legends" team.

Here is a rundown of the latest price cuts on "League of Legends" skins.

Death Blossom Elise, 487 RP


Bandit Sivir, 375 RP



Royal Guard Fiora, 260 RP



Our favorite skin of this bunch is Death Blossom Elise, which makes the mage look dark, spooky and intimidating. We like the spikes all over Bandit Sivir's outfit, which synergizes well with her quad-bladed weapon. Our one issue with Royal Guard Fiora is that she looks like she's holding a white popsicle stick instead of a bladed weapon.

What do you think of the latest "League of Legends" champion and skin sale? Will you be taking advantage of it? If so, what champions and skins will you be buying? Which of the new skins is your favorite? What champions and skins do you want to see Riot Games put on sale? Sound off in the comments below.