Lolo Jones, 29, is one of most popular Olympic athletes. She has a massive following on Twitter, where she discusses her faith, her romantic life, and her training regimen.

Always candid, the Olympian didn't take home the gold back in 2008, but she's looking to gather some forward momentum going into the 2012 Olympics in London.

While her skills are certainly impressive on the track, there are many (such as The Bleacher Report) who say that she's a longshot to win any gold medals at this year's Olympics in London. While some view her failures in big spots as the chief reason she won't perform well at the Olympics this year, others are citing past experiences and prior disappointments as aspects of her performance to build upon.

Jones said during a recent press conference, There were a lot of times this season when I wanted to give up, I had surgery, then I had two hamstring tears, both requiring extensive treatment, and there were a lot of times where I didn't think I'd be ready in time and I wanted to quit.

It's this kind of adversity that Jones is accustomed to, with her family having lived in a church basement in Des Moines, Iowa, battling homelessness. According to another Bleacher Report article, Jones also admits to shoplifting in order to stave off hunger as a child.

She has even discussed her virginity via Twitter, another aspect of her legend that has made her a favorite among Team USA. She has also stated to E! News, Whatever actor is watching this-if you're single and you are hot, I am single as well. Hit me up after the Olympics.